Thursday, August 27, 2009

Midget Zombies Pt 4

When I came to hours later I was at home. I smelled something cooking. I guess thats what woke me up. Following the wondrous smell of different spices I walked into the kitchen. Anita was there. She wasn't wearing the belly dancing outfit. She was wearing yoga pants and a tank top.
" Oh , good. Welcome back to the world of the living," she joked. Now she was a very beautiful woman of Indian descent, but I really couldn't place where she was from. One second it sounded like she had a british accent then the next it sounds like a twang from down south, but not too far down south. There is a lot more then meets the eye here. TRANSFORMEEEEERRRRSSSS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE. Damn that came out of nowhere in my head.
"Smells good. What are you cooking?."

"Some eggs with lil flavah and scones."

"I guess that sounds ummm good?.."

"Shut up you'll love it. Its the least I can do to thank you for getting me off that van. Those buggers had me up there for two days. I was trying to meditate just to not go crazy with there moaning."

"I dont blame you. How did you get up there? And why were you in the belly dancing outfit?"

"I was in my dance class where all this shit went down. and I grabbed my gear and started running. They surrounded me and I ran to the highest place I could get to. I figured they would get tired of waiting for me to come down but that was almost two days till you came and got me."

"I am glad we could help. By the way what is that noise that I keep hearing?"

" Sara and Mike have been going at it like rabbits for hours."

"Really? Hours? Damn..."

"Anita, are those all your clothes you have?"

"Yep, these and the belly dancer outfit, Why?"

" I think were going to have to go shopping then. Get you some clothes and add to our food and water stash since now we have 2 more people with us."

At this point Mikey comes out totally nude with Sara wrapped around him still having sex with him as he walked to the fridge to grab 2 gatorades.

"Food smells good. Can you two do me a favor? Keep it down we are trying to fuck in the next room..Thanks. We'll see you guys later."

With that he walked back in to the room..Sara never missed a beat just kept fucking away on Mikey.

"Okay,Anita tomorrow shopping and midget zombie ass kicking."

With that, we spent the whole day making preprarations to head tomorrow for the stores. Little did we know what kind of day we were going to have tomorrow...GODDAMN MIDGETS.

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