Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Star Trek Movie has Cool Callbacks (Spoilers)

One of my favorite things about the new Star Trek movie is the callbacks to previous films and episodes. All are done in a subtle way, not in the George Lucas way.


From memory

Star Trek VI: the Klingon blood globules are emulated by the way the red matter appears.

Star Trek V: thankfully nothing

Star Trek IV: The Romulan Wessles joke is remembered when Checkov tries to work the intercraft, also Spock giving Scotty a formula that he invented in another timeline.

Star Trek III/VI/Generations: Kirk often finds himself hanging off a cliff.

Star Trek II: the Kobayaski Maru, and Kirk's eating an apple.

Star Trek I: Admiral Pike's uniform

The Cage: Pike's wheelchair

Where No Man: a planet named Delta Vega

Also I liked seeing Admiral James Komack.

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