Monday, May 11, 2009

New Star Trek Stardates System: Year Based?

I noticed that the "Stardates" in the new Star Trek seem to just be the year. The scene with the U.S.S. Kelvin takes place in 2233, and the launch of NCC 1701 on stardate 2260.

Since the Gary Mitchell original continuity was at stardate 1313.1 it's clear that the new timeline numbers dates differently.

Random observations:

- why is the rest of the fleet over at the whatever system? Much like in the old continuity Starfleet likes to leave Earth unguarded.

- the changes in the timeline all start in 2233, so in theory V'Ger is like 8-10 years away from attacking the Earth and the thing pissed off about the whales not too far behind.

- people keep suggesting they bring back Khan. Why? You can't do a Wrath plot - because what would Khan be mad at? Do you really want the movie to be a remake of Space Seed.

- Spock/Saavik/Uhura love triangle is the way to go.

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