Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ideas For Star Trek 12 and 13 (Spoilers for Star Trek 11)

The Spock-Uhura romance sets Star Trek 12 up nicely for the introduction of the Saavik character....a young Vulcan hottie to catch the eye of the emotional Spock.   (Kirstie Alley was really cute in 1982)
And from there, you could set up Spock's decision to leave Starfleet for the Kolinahr and Kirk's decision to take a desk job.
I'd love to see Trek 13 (or maybe 14 since the actors are quite young and it might not yet work in 2013) revisit the basic template of Admiral Kirk realizing he screwed up taking the promotion, and Spock trying to shed his human half.   Pine will only be 33 in 2013 so my idea may have to wait for Star Trek 16...but I'd like to see it.
Star Trek 11 is wonderful, I hope this cast makes many many movies.

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