Monday, October 13, 2008

Marvel Zombies

Who would have known Marvel Comics would have had such a hit on their hand with what was originally just a small story in The Fantastic Four comics. The Marvel Zombies has become so popular that they have their own one shots, mini series, toys, and collectibles being produced. Basically the story is that The Sentry comes back from space in an alternate Marvel universe, bringing a virus that turns whoever it infects into the living dead. Now we all have seen zombie movies and how intense that could be. Now picture the infected with super powers. Pretty much all our favorite heroes and villains get infected. When they are starving they cant control themselves from the hunger and their survival instincts kick in. All they want to do is eat flesh at that point.  When they are full their personalities and minds return and usually the heroes that have a "soul" feel horrible for eating humans, friends and family members. I really do not want to get to far into the stories but if your interested in it pick up some graphic novels or read the wikipedia entries.  Also, in this world  Howard the Duck pops up and there is even a mini series cross over with ASH from the evil dead/army of darkness films and comics.Just imagine ASH's part in this universe thinking the zombies are deadites
These stories have even had fans produce some fan films.  

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