Saturday, October 18, 2008

Indy and the Crystal Skull

Now, I am not saying this movie is good or bad, but I like the mythology behind it.  I wasn't upset by the inclusion of aliens in the franchise.  There has been theories for many years that our ancient civilizations were contacted by beings from other worlds.  Egyptians, Mayans, Druids, and the Aztecs are all communities that have unexplained technologies and phenomena behind them.  How is it possible that pyramids were built in different places in the world?  The technology it took to make the booby traps in the pyramids. The way mummification was even used by the chinese? Now I don't understand why people are so upset about aliens in Indy when the ARK of the covenant with the spirits of GOD is so believable in the 1st movie? Or how about the holy grail and the Knights Templar.  Is the crystal skull  that more far fetched then those articles in those parts of the series?  I am more upset at the bad CGI thats in the movie. ILM is supposed to be the best special effects company out there, and a lot and I mean a lot of the effects looked like effects. Mythology good......Effects bad...

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